Hemp Coat Dude

At Hemp Coat, we pride ourselves by producing outstanding products that are both extremely durable and support a sustainable industry. We value customer satisfaction and integrity with our industry partners.

Join us for a smarter, innovative and eco-friendly future in the flooring business.

HempCoat™ is serving Cannabis cultivation centers and other commercial sectors by providing flooring coats ideal for maximizing production while minimizing costs. Our extensive outreach team markets extensively to architects, general contractors and directly to licensed cannabis cultivation companies throughout North America. Avail this opportunity to find a useful reserve of new flooring business leads with Hemp Coat.

Offer your team the well-deserved relief from immense coating odor and toxic chemicals with the revolutionary HempCoat™ products. HempCoat Base is a plant-based product which is virtually odorless and offers impressive sustainable qualities.

It is about time your flooring installation company says goodbye to the toxic, chemical coats of the past and switches to the eco-friendly, virtually-odorless floor coating options. We are here to pave the pathway of eco-friendliness for your company with our sustainable Hemp Coat Products.

Strong By Nature