Is epoxy flooring the best option for the Cannabis facility flooring?

The flooring of cannabis growing facilities:

Flooring Benefits for Employees and Consumers (Cannabis Industry Journal, Nov 6, 2019)

“Safety is paramount in any workplace. When it comes to the manufacture of foodstuffs and other consumed products, government oversight can be especially stringent. With the right compliant flooring in place, cultivation facilities can focus on the rest of their business, knowing that what’s underfoot is contributing to the safety of employees and their customers.”

The indoor cannabis facility’s flooring all over the country is made of concrete. Due care and protection of flooring can add value to your product but ignoring it can lower the quality of your product and ultimately it will cost you money.

Ever since the major states legalized cannabis for medical and recreational use, the cultivation of cannabis is booming. It will grow massively in the coming years because in future states are going to legalize the commercial sale of cannabis. The state of Illinois is a trendsetter in this regard after allowing, in June 2019, the commercial sale of cannabis.

Governments are trying hard to get public access to cannabis.

Cannabis Facility Flooring

Investors are rushing to take advantage of this massive opportunity, and a trend of indoor cannabis growing facilities is developing. The most targeted locations are vacant or abandoned buildings formerly used for industrial purposes, commercial spaces, basements of buildings, etc. Which leads us to the most important part in the construction of growing facilities, cannabis growing facilities flooring. Quality flooring of the growing facility can make or break your product.

Bare floors of concrete are usually porous, absorbs moisture from the environment and liquids. Buying flooring for the cannabis facility is the only right option.

Is epoxy flooring for cannabis facilities is the right choice?

Cannabis growing facility flooring prices differ from places to places. But one thing is proved everywhere.

Cannabis facility hempcoat™ base coat and epoxy top coat flooring is the solution you’re looking for.

Epoxy topcoat and hempcoat™ base coat floor coating will protect your facility from moisture, porous, insects, etc.

It will also protect you from the government. How?

Cannabis Facility Epoxy Flooring

Your facility is already subjected to hard building regulations and construction codes. And it’s not going anywhere. As States are allowing cannabis use and sale they’re making tougher laws and regulations for the people’s health safety. The bare floor in the growing facility is not yet illegal in itself. But it can pollute the environment, which may cause legal problems.

Hemp Coat is offering the best epoxy coating protection for floors of your cultivation facility. It ensures premium quality and affordable prices in all 50 States. It offers a great food-grade quality epoxy floor coating, and there’s a probability that in near future States may demand food-grade quality from cannabis cultivators.