5 benefits of epoxy flooring for your cannabis growing room

Epoxy floor coating for cannabis growing room:

The cannabis industry is growing day by day. With the influx of investors and money also came the growing number of laws and regulations to regulate this industry and enforce public health standards.

For growing cannabis in an indoor facility or greenhouse, you need a specific environment. Cannabis growing rooms have to maintain a specific temperature and light conditions among other things. Flooring is a big part of creating and maintaining that specific environment. Cannabis growing room flooring must be smooth, flat, seamless, and durable.

Epoxy flooring is the solution to all your problems related to floors. Low odor epoxy flooring coating properly protects your growing room floor from bacteria, moisture, and other damaging things. Low VOC (volatile organic compound), low odor, epoxy coat flooring of Hemp Coat is the best option in the market. It’s durable, has food-grade quality, and affordable.

Hemp Coating

Controls the moisture:

Either you’re growing cannabis in an indoor facility or a greenhouse; moisture will pose a big challenge for you. It can damage the environment and ultimately the quality of your product. An epoxy coating of good quality restricts the moisture below the surface of the floor and protects the floor of your greenhouse and ultimately the environment.

More light:

The coating reflects the light. Hence, it makes it possible to lower energy costs.

Durable and easy movement:

Epoxy coating such as Hemp Coat floor coating is durable and you would not need repair for years. Also moving on the coating is easy. The surface of the coating restricts the fall incidents and it’s also not slippery.

These are the 5 prime benefits of epoxy flooring for cannabis growing rooms:

  1. Protects air quality:

When you’re growing cannabis in an indoor facility, the air quality of the facility becomes vital. Maintaining air quality is the part of maintaining that specific environment needed for the healthy growth of cannabis. When you’re constructing a new facility, some things can damage your environments such as fresh paint which contains volatile organic compounds (VOC), bare floors and certain types of flooring, etc. That’s where comes the epoxy flooring which has low VOC and low odor hence protects the air quality of your cannabis grow room.

Low VOC, Low Odor Epoxy Flooring
  1. Easy cleaning and drainage:

Probably the best advantage of epoxy flooring is that it’s so easy to clean. By making a smooth, consistent surface, soil, and water can be handily tidied up to keep your growing room clean with less work. It saves your time, effort, and money on the repair. It also keeps your environment as you want. And affects positively the quality of your product.

  1. Durable:

The epoxy flooring of cannabis growing rooms lasts for years. On the opposite, bare floors are prone to damage, and you have to spend time in repair repeatedly. Epoxy flooring makes movement easy and can hold the foot traffic for years without any damage.

  1. Fast installing:

Practical installing of epoxy flooring takes very little time. No requirement of long downtime.

  1. Cost-effective:

Epoxy flooring coating is affordable and not very expensive.