Attention! Cannabis growers, hemp is the next biggy, you should be ready!

Is hemp can be the next big good news for cannabis growers?

According to the prediction of New Frontier Data, 2018, $23 billion will be earned in America alone by selling marijuana legally in 2025, while expectation about the global market is of more than 146 billion dollars in 2025, according to Grand View Research. Only in 2016, more than 477 million dollars invested in the cannabis industry. And the number of duly licensed and active marijuana businesses was 9397 in 2017 according to Fit Small Business.

These stats show that the cannabis industry is growing rapidly. With the legalization of hemp and marijuana, more and more investors are flocking towards growing cannabis and investing more and more money.

Hemp Coating

With the massive growth of the cannabis industry, competition is also getting tougher and tougher. More and more products having different levels of quality are coming into the market.

With that, the question which keeps cannabis growers up at night is that how to increase the quality of my product to the highest level while slashing the costs, which are increasing day by day, to the bare minimum.

The answer is HempCoat, hemp products and hemp coatings

The straight forward answer to this question is hemp. It’s the new biggy. It’s the new but time-tested solution, for the cannabis industry. Any product made of hemp such as hemp coating provides the maximum value at very affordable and minimum cost.

The first requirement of having a great growing business is selling a high-quality product. Because most of the cannabis facilities are indoors or greenhouses, they require a specific kind of controlled environment to get a great quality product. Flooring issues are important they can ruin the environment and ultimately the quality of your product.

Epoxy coating made with hemp ensures the proper protection of floors from issues such as molds, porous, moisture, etc. Hemp coating is a natural product without any chemicals. It helps in creating an excellent environment for a great quality product.

Also because hemp is not expensive, you have to bear very little costs for using it in your cannabis facility. It provides a great return on investment.

Hemp Coating Floors

Hemp is cost-effective:

No doubt, that hemp is a cost-effective solution to flooring issues. It’s not expensive and it’s affordable.

More resilient to damage:

Hemp has great strength in it. It is very resilient to damage. It’s resilient against both natural and unnatural causes.


You would not need to repair for years if you’re using hemp-based coating or other products. It’s very durable.