The high-quality industrial hemp floor coatings

Hemp floor coatings for industrial purposes:

The indoor cannabis facility’s flooring all over the country is made of concrete. Due care and protection of flooring can add value to your product but ignoring it can lower the quality of your product and ultimately it will cost you money.

Ever since the major states legalized cannabis for medical and recreational use, the cultivation of cannabis is booming. It will grow massively in the coming years because in future states are going to legalize the commercial sale of cannabis. The state of Illinois is a trendsetter in this regard after allowing, in June 2019, the commercial sale of cannabis.

Governments are trying hard to get the public access to cannabis.

Hemp Floor Coatings

Industrial hemp floor coatings are the answer for cannabis growing facilities flooring problems. Hemp Coat offers the premium quality base and top coats for the protection of your facility’s floor. Hemp floor coating is specifically designed for industrial purposes. They are of food-grade quality. This means if States set the food grade regulations for cannabis cultivation at indoor facilities, it would cause no effect on your business if your facility has Hemp floor coatings.

What are the benefits of Hemp floor coatings for the Cannabis industry?

Let’s say you’re a cannabis grower and you need flooring for your growing facility. And you choose Hemp floor coatings for that purpose. The question is how they proved highly beneficial and useful for your business. Here is the answer:

  • Hemp coating is made with the combination of plant-based oil gypsum and industrial hemp biomass to create an incredibly durable base coating.
  • It protects your floors from moisture, porous, and provides a clean environment to produce a high-quality product.
  • It provides a seamless surface for the floor of cannabis growing facility and banishes grout lines, and crevices.
  • It provides a proper floor slope for the drainage.
  • It brings forth a high standard of food-grade quality.
  • Hemp floor coatings are durable; you can easily go through for years without any need to repair.
  • It saves you money, not only because of higher product quality but also fewer expenses on wear and tear.
  • It makes it easy to clean and maintain the floor.
Hemp Facility Flooring

If you’re a cannabis grower it would be very wrong if you ignore the proper floor coating of your growing facility. Hemp floor coatings do not cost much but they will help in growing your business and achieving high ROI.