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  • HC-812 is an acrylic self-plasticizing monolithic roof coatings that withstands ultraviolet light, temperature extremes, mildew, weathering, and normal foot traffic. This flexible membrane will accommodate building movement without cracking or splitting. The built-in flexibility is maintained at lower temperatures. RECOMMENDED FOR: Hempcoat TopCoat NOT RECOMMENDED FOR Application over tar-based roofing, EPDM rubber, or ponding water
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    HempCoat Roof Coating

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    HempCoat™ Roof coating application is virtually fume-free and VOC Compliant in all 50 States. This self-leveling thicker system (32 to 100 mils) Ideal for metal roofs, fiberglass, cap sheets, torch down, composite roofs, aged asphalt roofs, concrete roofs, barrel tile, urethane foams, flat roofs, mobile homes, RV's and campers. Outstanding auto-bonding adhesion qualities bond in seconds to metal, asphalt, wood, concrete, brick, and cinder block. HempCoat™ base has no solvents. Remains flexible with 50 – 100% elongation protecting against expansion/contraction stress.  Withstands thermal and structural movement bridges cracks and gaps If your project is over 3000 sq ft, contact us for a custom quote and save with our direct volume pricing    Size: 5-gallon kit Part A/B Recommended thickness of 32 mils (250 sf / 5 gal) Coverage: 200-250 sq ft / Kit depending on technique & surface condition FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER 10 KITS

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