Need Slip Resitance?  We have several options.

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    SILICA SAND™ Silica sand is used as the broadcast medium for the Solid Color system. It can also be used as a more aggressive anti-slip solution. Typical Uses: Silica sand serves as the broadcast medium for the Solid Color  system. Size: 50 lb. bag Coverage: 2 sq. ft. / lb.
  • Citadel Ultra Durability Plus is a proprietary additive for the Citadel Topcoat that increases the abrasion resistance and creates a microtextured surface while reducing gloss to provide a satin finish. Typical Uses: To be used in conjunction with the Citadel Topcoat as an abrasion resistance additive Size: 1 qt. can Coverage: mix 1 qt. per gal. of topcoat; 500 sq ft / gal

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