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Hemp Coat - Part A and B

HEMP COAT BASE is available in 4 base solid colors: White, Dark Gray, Light Gray, Tan, and Clear. Choose a smooth glass-like finish or skid resistance.

Base Color - White

Base Color – White

Base Color - Tan

Base Color – Tan

Base Color - Dark Gray

Base Color – Light Gray

Base Color - Light Gray

Base Color    Light Gray

Decorative chip color options:

Sample - White Rhino

Sample    White Rhino

Sample - Panama Red

Sample    Panama Red 

Sample - Blue Dream

Sample    Blue Dream

Sample - Green Dragon

Sample    Green Dragon

Sample - Purple Haze

Sample    Purple Haze

Sample - Blue Dream

Sample    Black Marble

Hemp Coat Moisture Stop



Citadel’s Anti-Slip Additive™ is aluminum oxide grit that suspends in the coating, providing a safe, non-slip environment. The product is broadcast on top of the wet coating and back rolled in. This extremely durable additive is recommended for any floor coating system and creates a less aggressive textured surface than using the silica sand.

Typical Uses: Broadcast over coatings to provide a safe, non-slip surface.

Size: 3 lb. container
Coverage: 1 qt. covers 1,000 sq. ft.

Citadel’s silica sand is used as the broadcast medium for the Citadel Solid Color Quartz system. It can also be used as a more aggressive anti-slip solution.

Typical Uses: Silica sand serves as the broadcast medium for the Solid Color Quartz system.

Size: 50 lb. bag
Coverage: 2 sq. ft. / lb.

Hemp Coat Dude

Decorative chip color options are also popular choices.