1-HD Value Kit, 20,000+ Sq ft of Coverage


This volume package not only saves you money. It also takes the guesswork out of ordering. We have carefully paired the 1-HD POLYUREA  and the HempCoat™ base material to cover a range of 20,000-22,000 sq ft depending on installing technique and floor surface conditions.  The High-Performance System consists of HempCoat™ Base and 1-HD POLYUREA  TopCoat / Tinted color System which is specifically designed to meet the needs of high demand cultivation and production areas. The HPS provides a quick return to service without sacrificing the strength of the coating. With multiple styles to choose from, products create great looking floors that will last for years to come.

This kit covers approximately a 20,000-22,000 sq ft floor. Approx $1.52 per sq ft

Product Quantity

Polyurea-1HD Top Coat Kit × 23

Polyurea 1-HD is a single component, 90% solids, VOC Compliant, Aliphatic Polyurea high gloss UV-stable floor topcoats, chemical resistance, and corrosion control.

  • Super Light Gray
  • Light Gray
  • Navy Gray
  • White
  • Dunes Tan

HempCoat™ Base Coat 5-Gal Kits × 93

HempCoat™ base coat is fume-free and has no solvents, unsurpassed adhesion, and elastic qualities. Perfect for filling small cracks and flooring imperfections.



Key Benefits 

Beats ALL traditional floor coatings HANDS DOWN on durability, turnaround time, and cost! Safest food-grade material which makes it the smart choice for your cultivation facilities. Because HempCoat™ base is fume-free and has no solvents, it can be installed and dries very quickly. 

What’s Included:

This kit covers approximately a  20,000-22,000 sq ft floor – The kit is comprised of our proprietary HempCoat™ Base that covers approximated 200 to 250 sq ft per 5 gal kit recommended thickness of 32 mils (250 sq ft / 5 gal)   And our 1-HD  TopCoat / tinted color System  Coverage: 400-500 sq ft. sq ft / gal

HempCoat Base

HempCoat™ base application is fume-free and VOC Compliant in all 50 States. This self-leveling thicker system (32 to 100 mils) is perfect for new floors or filling cracks and imperfections in older floors. Outstanding auto-bonding adhesion qualities bond to metal, asphalt, wood, concrete, brick, block in seconds. HempCoat™ base has no solvents. Remains flexible with 50 – 100% elongation protecting against expansion/contraction stress.

Size: 5-gallon kit Part A/B

Top Coat Polyurea-1 HD is the workhorse of the Single Component Aliphatic Polyurea family and is the easiest of our systems to install. It has an optically clear high gloss finish and is 100% UV stable. This high performance top coat is used Solid Color systems. The virtually unlimited pot life allows you to work at any pace and is self-leveling, meaning no roller lines. Size: Available in 2 gallon buckets. Tint colors packaged separately.

with a coverage rate of  400-500 sq ft. / gal, over HempCoat™ Base depending on technique. 1-part system

Size: 2-gallon kit 


Typical Processing Properties

Single Component – 72°F (24˚C) Tack Free-1-2 hours

Relativity Humidity – 54% Hard dry-3-6 hours

Recoat Minimum-4 hours

Recoat Maximum – 12 hours

Coverage: 1,600 square feet, per gallon, per mil.

Recommended Coverage

Topcoat Over Solid Color 400-500 sq ft sf/gal @3.2 mils DFT


Tint Colors Options: Tints Sold Separately 

Super Light Gray, Light Gray, Navy Gray, Dunes Tan and White

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Additional information

HempCoat Base

Nature White Base Coat, Gray Base Coat

Polyurea-1HD Top Coat Kit

Weight 30 lbs
TopCoat Colors

Super Light Gray, Light Gray, Navy Gray, White, Dunes Tan

HempCoat™ Base Coat 5-Gal Kits

Weight 60 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 15 in
Base Color


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