HC-812 Acrylic Roof TopCoat

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HC-812 is an acrylic self-plasticizing monolithic roof coatings that withstands ultraviolet light, temperature extremes, mildew, weathering, and normal foot traffic. This flexible membrane will accommodate building movement without cracking or splitting. The built-in flexibility is maintained at lower temperatures. RECOMMENDED FOR: Hempcoat TopCoat

NOT RECOMMENDED FOR Application over tar-based roofing, EPDM rubber, or ponding water

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SOLIDS BY WEIGHT: 62% (+,-3) SOLIDS BY VOLUME: 55% (+,-3) RECOMMENDED COVERAGE: Coverage depends on surface conditions and application procedures. Normally, 1.5 gallons per 100 square feet of the base coat and 1.5 gallons per 100 square feet of the top coat (3 gallons total) combine to achieve the recommended wet mil thickness of 40-45 mils. THEORETICAL COVERAGE: 33-34 square feet per gallon at recommended millage (applied in two coats) COLORS: Beige (base coat) and white (topcoat) colors may vary slightly from batch to batch due to variations in feed stock material. RECOMMENDED DRY FILM THICKNESS: Dry film thickness= 22 to 25 mils, when material is applied at the recommended 40- 45 mils wet thickness (applied in two coats) PACKAGING: Available in 5 gallon pails and 55 gallon drums. Net per gallon= 11.24 pounds (the listed density is approximate and typical) RECOMMENDED SPRAY EQUIPMENT: We recommend using a 218-320 Graco 30:1 ratio pump system or equivalent. RECOMMENDED TEMPERATURE AND R.H. We recommend applications with temperatures above 50F and Relative humidity below 95% with no rain imminent within 24 hours.


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