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Value Packs Designed for Cultivation and Production Facilities Hemp Coat Dude
Value Packages

Cost Effective VOC Compliant Floor and Surface Coating For Your Cultivation Facility

Strong By Nature


HempCoat™ specializes in commercial cultivation facilities flooring systems. We offer factory-direct pricing with volume discounts on our value packages. Selling directly from our factory has numerous advantages. The most significant benefit is the quality and price relationship created by using this direct marketing approach. Our team is here to help you with your floor coating needs.

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Volume Discounts Packaged Flooring Solutions

We have designed packages to match the best type facility environment. Our factory-direct program is straight forward and designed to save you money by providing volume discounts on you commercial flooring needs.

Chemical Resistant

Versatile & Tough

1-HD Polyurea

Flower Room Flooring

Veg Room Flooring

Extraction Areas

Easy Install Flooring System

Single Component

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1-HD Value Pack Cost per ft
1,500+ ft² Value Pack $1.89
2,500+ ft² Value Pack $1.83
5,000+ ft² Value Pack $1.79
10,000+ ft² Value Pack $1.63
20,000+ ft² Value Pack $1.52
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Cannabis Facility Build Epoxy Floor Coating Systems

Production Areas

General Purpose Epoxy

SLE-100 Epoxy


Grow Room Epoxy Flooring

Extraction Lab Flooring

Trimming Room Flooring

Kitchen Epoxy Paint


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SLE-100 Value Pack Cost per ft
1,500+ ft² Value Pack $1.96
2,500+ ft² Value Pack $1.88
5,000+ ft² Value Pack $1.84
10,000+ ft² Value Pack $1.63
20,000+ ft² Value Pack $1.46
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Highly UV Stable

All Flooring Areas


100% UV Stable Flooring

Cultivation and Production

Showers and Bathrooms

Decorative Flake or Tint


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RG-80 Value Pack Cost per ft
1,500+ ft² Value Pack $1.84
2,500+ ft² Value Pack $1.74
5,000+ ft² Value Pack $1.70
10,000+ ft² Value Pack $1.52
20,000+ ft² Value Pack $1.38
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Hemp Coat Dude

Value Pack Flooring Solutions Q&A

Value packages not only save you money, it will take the guesswork out of ordering. We have carefully paired our Topcoat and HempCoat™ base material to meet the needs of high demand agriculture cultivation and production areas. These systems provide a quick return to service without sacrificing the strength of the floor coating. Multiple styles to choose from.

What are the storage recommendations for HempCoat?2020-09-13T10:46:20-06:00
  1. It is recommended that Part A be stored at room temperature. No less than 32°F (0°C).
  2. The Part A bucket should be stored upside down for ease of mixing when used. Turn bucket upside (minimum. one day) before use.
  3. Recommended Part B be stored at temperatures between 75° to 105°F (24° to 41°C).
  4. Products must be kept free of moisture. Keep the containers closed because the product absorbs moisture from the air over time. Moisture in the product causes it to produce CO2 gas which may cause pressure build-up inside a sealed container.
What’s Included in a Value Pack?2020-04-30T13:41:30-06:00

Value Packs are pre-designed to make ordering simple and cost-effective.  The appropriate amount of Top Coat paired with the necessary amount of HempCoat™ Base Coat.

What is the lead time for a large order?2020-09-13T10:41:28-06:00

Large volume orders may have up to a 2-3 week lead time based on size.  We try to mantain an inventory while providing our customer with fresh product.

Do you need help planning your floor coating project?2020-04-30T13:49:15-06:00

Allow the HempCoat Team to help you plan your floor coating project. Our team of industry experts provides you with product recommendations. Furthermore, we will work hand-in-hand with your qualified contractors to ensure the end results exceed your expectations.

What other areas can you apply HempCoat™ ?2020-05-01T16:01:32-06:00

Offices, Bathrooms, Trimming areas Laboratories Garages

Need a Professional Flooring Installer?2020-05-01T07:55:25-06:00

We have a network of installers for you to choose from.

HempCoat™ floor coating products are safe for you and your plants. Our base application is fume free and our top coat is fume free after 24 to 48 hours.

Our plant based material is so unique it caused the creation of an entirely new product category, dubbed “Veggie Plastic”™

The HempCoat™ flooring system combines plant base oil (agriculture) gypsum and industrial hemp biomass to create an incredibly durable floor coating system. Our manufacturing process (100% made in the USA)

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